Such Beautiful People: 2nd Nordic Ukrainian Film Festival

Ukrainian film, as well as Ukraine itself, is nowadays going through a crucial stage of formation and expansion into the international arena. This year, we bring to Sweden movies that not only form a new page of history of the national cinematography. We will show strong expressions of urban space in Ukraine, its evolution, and sometimes even revolution. Hutsul (an ethnic group in the Carpathian region) villages in the mountains, satellite cities-of nuclear power plants, diverse metropolis, seaside escapism and musical emigration – you will see a multifaceted Ukraine.


The Second Nordic Ukrainian Film festival will take place 24-27 November at the Biograf Saga in Stockholm, and in Gothenburg 25 Oct to 7 Nov.

Ticket booking by the phone 031-42 88 10 or online.

Ticket price: 70 SEK.
Festival pass has to be shown at the entrance, together with the ticket. The pass costs 10 SEK and is valid for all four screenings during the festival.

 All films are shown in the original language with English subtitles.

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