Not just a language school

Ukrainian-Scandinavian Center is a community. We are people who adore everything to do with North Europe from languages, literature to nature and life style. Maybe you are one of us?

You can join our language Norwegian, Swedish, Danish and Finnish classes either in Kyiv or Lviv. We usually start application process in August (for the autumn semester from September to December) or January (for the spring semester from February to June).

Want to learn more about Scandinavian lifestyle, literature or values? Come to our events either in Lviv or Kyiv.

Do you adore Scandinavia as we do? Are you keen on hand-made things? Or maybe you’ve been always dreaming of making something on your own? If at least one of the answers is yes, then we invite you to visit master classes at USC! Painting cups, making up travel books, advent-calendars and Christmas toys – the list of our activities is endless. Let’s create together!

We will help you to keep your knowledge of the Scandinavian languages up and going! Come as you are to our speaking clubs in either Kyiv or Lviv, meet with native speakers and improve you speaking by participation in conversation on different topics.


Norwegian language classes

Vil du lære norsk med oss? If your answer is “yes” or “what does it mean?” then you are at the right place!

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Swedish language classes

At USC, we help you obtain the knowledge of Swedish guiding you through A1, A2 and B1 levels.

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Danish language classes

Come learn Danish with us! Whatever your needs or whatever your age, you will enjoy learning Danish with us, and you’ll soon be speaking it better than ever.

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Finnish language classes

Finnish isn’t easy to learn, but we know how to help you with that!

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Creating community

Ukrainian-Scandinavian Center has become a meeting place for good people with good values. We are trying to create a space that is something bigger than language courses. Here you can become part of a wonderful community, as well as deepen your own knowledge of the culture and everyday life of Scandinavian countries through themed events, entertainments, movie nights and conversations with guests from the North. And most importantly – meet people with a sparkle in their eyes: those who create USC and who love doing what they are doing!

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