1. Is it safe to travel to Ukraine now?

Yes! First of all the conflict in the Donbass region is very much localized to the Russian border and there are no active military actions, civilians cross the conflict area and the territory controlled by Ukraine more or less freely. Moreover the distance between Chernivtsi, where the Summer School will take place and Donetsk or Luhansk is as long as between Oslo and Berlin or Amsterdam.

2. What is the best way to come to Chernivtsi from Oslo?

The are different solutions depending on how much one is ready to spend for the trip. The easiest flight connection is to come to Kiev via Riga or Tallinn and take the night train to Chernivtsi. We consider ordering you transfer from Kiev to Chernivtsi. However it is also possible to fly to Katowice (Poland) and then take the trains Katowitce-Lviv-Chernivtsi. The other solution could be to fly with Ryinair to Rzeszow and take a bus to Lviv and a train to Chernivtsi. We will be more than glad to help you with transportation if you don’t have any plans. Please contact our project administrator Anastasia Antonyk to discuss and find the best solution.

3. How many hours a day will the studies take place?

The program is still under development. However we are planning to have at least three lessons (45 min each) of the language studies and two lessons of the social studies from Monday to Friday. We are also planning open seminars and meetings with politicians, journalists, civil society representatives instead of the social studies. Trips with cultural program and excursions are planned for the weekends.

4. Which language the program will be run on?

Working language at the Summer School is English.

5. What are the conditions for the accommodation?

We provide accommodation to every student during the Summer School. CNU kindly provided their dormitory for International students where 2-3 students share the room, bathroom and kitchen. However we are also considering other possibilities like 2-3 room apartments with better conditions. Please, contact us if you have any special requests about accommodation and we will definitely find a good solution.

6. Will participants be provided with food during the summer school?

Yes, we will serve lunch and there will be coffee, tea, snacks and fruit during the lectures. Food is very cheap in Ukraine.

7. Do we need any insurance?

Yes, usual travel insurance (reiseforsikring) that is valid in Europe is enough.

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